December 2002

Well 2002 has come to an end and things have moved on for me both personally and proffesionally.

2002 has been a mixed year, working during the in the role of Alan on Mersey Televisions Brookside during the month of March – it was however, May before I started doing any work !!

Sadly for me, my role on Brookside ended on September 17th, which left lots of bitter taste in my mouth. lots of backstabbing, lies, inflated egos and general bitchiness, hey thats showbiz !!!!

Suffice to say that I hope that I never have to have any dealings with Mersey Television, Phil Redmond, David Hanson, Jo Hallows, Andrew Gossage and Dorothy Andrew again.

I would however like to thank all the Casting Directors, Hermes Replica Handbags Producers, Directors and Support Staff whom I have worked with during 2002 whilst not contracted to Brookside – I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2003.

I am taking a well earned break in the Lake District during early January, before starting work again with new representation, new ideas, and new challenges.

Keep logging in for information and news each month during 2003 to find out what I am doing, which interviews, castings and auditions I have had, and a host of stories that will make you laugh and cry.

Finally a big thanks to all my fans for their letters and E mails, they mean so much to me. As you know I answer them all personally, even if it takes a little longer than I would like.

Speak to you again soon, take special care
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