April 2003

Well here we are again with yet another update this time for the month of March 2003.

A fairly busy month for me completing filming on EASTENDERS at Elstree, joining the cast of ALL ABOUT ME at Pinewood and attending interviews for HOLBY CITY and the Christmas Special of WHERE THE HEART IS.

Firstly EASTENDERS, it was a lovely bright sunny day when I arrived at the studios and shown to my dressing room to play the character of ANSELL. The scenes took place in the Queen Vic, and although I am unable to give any storylines away, the one thing I will say is the Queen Vic is TINY!! – It is shot on a long lens camera to appear bigger than it really is, and even after all these hardened years as an actor, it was a shock to see how small it really was.

The cast and crew made me feel very welcome, so sincere thanks to all of them for making my job a lot easier!!

In my last update I told of you of declining the JASPER CARROTT vehicle ALL ABOUT ME. Well as always happens in this business the goalposts moved and CELADOR (the production company) came back with a much better offer and this time after negotiations with my agent I joined the rest of the cast to play the role of TONY.

Tony is one of Jaspers work mates (a builder) who pops up throughout the series but has some lovely scenes in episode 7.

The series is shot in studio at PINEWOOD on a set, and filmed in front of a live studio audience. As an actor this is fantastic because you get the intimacy of theatre, with the technical advances of television and I love it, they are a great company with a wonderful director in RICHARD BODEN and I will be back there in May for another 3 weeks.

I attended interviews for HOLBY CITY which I didn’t get, and a lovely part called FARMER GRAY in WHERE THE HEART IS, which unfortunately was cut from the finished script – hey thats showbiz!!

I will be back here again soon to tell you whats been going on in the month of April, but don’t forget you can always email me directly through the CONTACT ME section of the website and I will get back to you personally.

Until next time, take special care

John xxxxx
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