August 2003

A fairly slow month in August.

I completed my scenes on Casualty in Bristol which were great. I really hope you guys like them, there is a lot of drama, tears and anger mixed with family bonding and blood, lots of it!!

The episode is on in November and called SECOND BEST

I went for 3 commercial castings during the month, all of them awful.

The first for Mcdonalds was all improvosation, which I love, and of all of them, that went the best.

Another commercial was for the Co Op (do they do adverts!!), where they were running late and had no one to play the girl opposite me, so I had to act opposite a geezer! – still thats all part of the fun so who cares!!

And finally one for Austrian TV, playing William Tell in an Insurance Company commercial ( no, honestly!!!!!)

No theatre, or tv interviews were offered up, and I so want to tour again with a decent play, – I would love to be back on the road again.

To those of you who have emailed me, I shall speak to Jeremy (my agent) and see if anything is in the pipeline.

I would like those of you in the various cities who write, see me perform live on the stage, thanks for the supportive emails, if I get a contract touring, you will all get to know – PROMISE!!!

Florida calls in less than 5 weeks and I cannot wait, three weeks in the sun with the family and a private session booked to go swimming with dolphins at discovery cove, what a blast.

You all take care and I will speak again soon

John xxxxx
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