July 2003

After the trials and tribulations of last month, things are finally starting to get back on an even keel.

Good news in that the REDROW HOMES commercial will run for another year and maybe continue after that!!

I attended an interview at the BBC for an episode of CASUALTY and on reading the script decided that even if I had been offered the role I would not have accepted it.

I was asked back down again a week later to read for a different part in another episode which was fantastic, it is actually the guest lead in the episode, so I have jumped at the chance to play DEAN FORSTER in the new series which starts in September.

Because of confidentiality I cannot give away any details, but the character is fantastic and appears in nine good scenes.

My thanks to Catherine and Glen for bringing me back in and more importantly to MARK JOBST the director who had the final say along with Mal etc etc.

I filmed 2 scenes yesterday and MARK is one of the finest directors I have worked with, we have some really good stuff in the can and all I will say is there is a hell of a lot of blood!!!

I am away in Bristol for the first week of July completing the episode and then fly out to Marbella for a well deserved break.

An opportunity to be seen for BILLY ELLIOT the musical came about but they wanted someone who could do a genuine Newcastle accent, I decided not to attend as I would have sounded like a Welsh Canadian Indian. Sometimes you have to know your limitations!!!

Anyway to all of you who have sent messages recently, thank you, and I promise I will get round to answering them on my return from Spain.

Until next time, take special care.

John xxx
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