June 2003

A sad month for me this month, and one I would like to forget.

Normally happy notes are written here, but work linked with personal problems made May a difficult month for me – lets hope June brings happier news.

My role on GRASS had to be relinquished as it clashed with some other filming I was already commited to – unfortunately the production was tied in to certain dates for filming at a prison in HAM East London, and despite everyones best efforts, these could not be changed, hence my reluctant departure from the production.

I had an interview in mid May, again at the BBC, playing a character called GEOFF in the new series of 15 STOREYS HIGH.

On this occasion they thought I was too aggressive for the part and it was not offered to me – the brief said- a shaven headed thug whose first words uttered on screen are ” Oi, get back here you little fu**er*” make your own mind up – but that sounds aggressive to me!!

No other interviews were forthcoming so it was a fairly quiet month – but hey thats the business and those entering know what it is like – you can’t be busy all of the time.

I finished up filming ALL ABOUT ME and that was great fun especially working in front of a live studio audience (see previous months for details) and I made some great new friends which is always good in this catty business!!

All this pales into comparison however with the dreadful news that my cousin passed away last week at the age of six years old with cerebal and cranium problems, and although I had not seen him for some time, I am deeply deeply upset by the loss at such an early stage in his life, and the hole it must have created for his parents.

No names are mentioned as this a private family matter, but my thoughts are with him and them at this truly difficult time.

To all of you who log in to this site, thanks for your continued support and “hits”, and I wish you all a lovely warm sunny month of June.

Take special care
John xxxxx
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