March 2003

It’s March already and loads has happened. I have moved on finally from BROOKSIDE and although I don’t watch the show any more, people tell me that ALAN is now dead. His body is found during March in a quarry

I am sorry that this chapter of my life has finally come to a close as I miss Liverpool and the crew terribly, but hey life goes on and to that end I have been busy, primarily due to a wonderful team behind me, of Jeremy, Judy and Laura – they keep me busy and as an actor I love that !!

I went for a NORWICH UNION commercial a couple of weeks ago and forgot how humiliating commercial castings were – a regular job and income on a programme such as BROOKSIDE makes you forget why you came into the business in the first place, so it was great to go along and be a Southern Irish business man and Yorkshire farmer amongst others – I didn’t get the job but I was glad to be back in the thick of things!!

Also an interview for EASTENDERS came to fruition, its only a cameo role, but the money is good and its another credit on the biog!!

I was also seen for the second series of ALL ABOUT ME with Jasper Carrot, shooting in Pinewood, again, I have been offered the part, but on this occasion have decided that I will not be taking up the offer, I wish the BBC all the best for the shoot – its a great script so tune in and have a look when it hits the screens.

There is stacks more in the pipeline, but as its early stages I am sworn to secrecy – however once contracts are signed – you will be one of the first to know!!

I will try to update this every 4 weks from now on, but please forgive me if it takes a little longer – things are mad at the moment!!

Take special care, until next time

John xxxxxx
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