November 2003

Well Guys, it’s like this …..

I have been back for a month now from sunny florida, and I have done absolutely nothing!!!

It has been a real quiet month for me – probably the quietest in my entire career.

I was asked to go down to meet people for a pantomime in Exeter, but unfortunately it did not work out.

Most actors tend to be quiet at this time of year (unless they have sold their souls to the devil to do panto!!!!) so I am not at all bitter.

Don’t forget the airing of CASUALTY this month, and the second episode that I am in on ALL ABOUT ME, there is also that infamous REDROW commercial running every 20 minutes on SKY !!

Halloween has come and gone, Bonfire Night is here, and Christmas is looming (There is loads to do !).

Be good and we will speak again soon.

John xxx
That’s why the collateral damage of college paper writer burned-out teachers is burned-up children.