October 2003

Hiya guys

Well I am back after a well derserved vacation break, feeling refreshed and raring to go once more.

I am writing this in my office at home, as opposed to internet cafes (where they have been written before).

I have just bought a wonderful laptop computer, and got connected up with a great printer/scanner and an internet account at home.

Florida was wonderful fun and absolutely roasting with temperatures always in the high 90’s.

We swam with dolphins at Discovery cove, rode rollercoasters and numerous other rides at all the parks, did flume rides at the disney waterparks and spent a fortune on gifts, levis, trainers, CD’s etc.

Lets just say that after 3 weeks in the good ol USA we were totally “theme parked out”.

For the 5 people that emailed me about my apperances in “All about Me”, this series starts on Friday 10th October on BBC1.

I am in episode 2 entitled “Green eyed Monster”, only one line to say, but it got a great response from the audience, and I am in episode 7 (I think), entitled “Lads night in/Quiet night in”, just check the listings mags and you will find me in the credits, so then you will know.

I can’t be much more helpful with Casualty, I am afraid, 2 different people emailed me about this and all I can say is that it is on in November, and entitled “Second Best”, again check those mag listings!!

Well thats about it, lets hope that I am busy for the month of October, there is still that holiday to pay for!!

Take special care

John xxxx
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