August 2004

Hiya Guys

Its a helluva busy month, so this will be short !!!

Things are going fantastically well, so well, in fact that I have not got time at the moment to update the site with all the news.

Be patient, it will be up and running again with a HUGE update of everything that you want or need to know, and you must, or else you would not be reading this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Good, and Speak Soon.

As always, Toby, Greig, Steve, Karen, Janis, Lucy, Hazel, Sue, Katie, Claire, Samantha, Vasst ( From Serbia!! ), Selina, Dominic, Paul, Andrew and Pippa – personal emails on their way, apologies as all ways for the delay !!!!

Be good everyone, and my best wishes to Craig, my old buddy, who has just landed the part of PETER, first cover JESUS on the forthcoming UK tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, this guy is awesome and I love him to bits, if it comes to your town go and see it !!!!!!!!!

Take Care All Of You

John xxxxxx