July 2004

Well, maybe it's the dawn of a new era, but with all the contacts I have made over the years, I am firmly ensconsed as an agent.

Work has been thin on the ground for a while now, and with the advent of laptops, mobile phones, fax machines, pagers, emails etc, I can act on other actors behalfs, obtaining work etc, whilst still being available for work myself.

Following on from my comments, 2 months ago, I have found a real niche in the market, and to this end advertised for actors with suitable proffessional experience, via a box number.

I received 726 replies, and of these, we chose to contact 87, my PA and myself worked late into the night on many occasions to whittle the massive amount of applications down.

Having spoken to 78 of these on the telephone (9 were unavailable or did not call back!!), we decided to meet with 42 for workshop sessions.

We contacted Jerwood Space in London, and hired for 2 days “Space 5”, which became our temporary offices for the duration.

It was an interesting 2 days, consisting of improvisation workshops, rehearsed and cold script readings, and one to one interviews.

Everything was fun and informal for the actors, but for us extremely important.

I thought long and hard about going to see showcases or just interviewing people in a theatre cafe bar, before deciding on the sesson formula, which let me see the actor as a person, in an improvisational scenario, and how they could cope with cold script readings as inevitably happens with a television interview.

Suffice to say the days went like clockwork, and a lot of fun was had by all, we then reviewed our notes and the tapes/videos and made the necessary phone calls.

It amazes me even now, that so many actors think that their agent is their boss, wrong, we work for them – end of story!!! – get ready for a wave of change and reform, this is the way forward.

From the 2 day sessions, we have chosen just 24 people to represent, the rest of the story has not been written yet, but it will be!!!!!!!!!!

Take care

John xxxx

PS – Andy, Martin, Karen, Steve B, Andy R, Emma, Rajid, Sonia and Michael (not clients but responses from the website), private emails are all on their way – its been a busy few weeks so forgive the delay.