March 2004

Sorry that this months entry has been late in coming through, but things over the past month have been manic.

Myself and the family had a fantastic time on holiday in Fueteventura, the weather was glorious for the whole seven days, not one bit of cloud, so hey ho!!

Whilst we were there it was my daughter birthday (She has been very lucky this year and had 3 partys!!!!)

When we got back we opted for the traditional type party, so we booked a venue, and provided a magician and games man, who were fantastic (even providing a real rabbit from a hat that the children could stroke!!), as she goes to a drama and dance school, we opted for a chocolate sponge cake covered in pink icing in the shape of ballet shoes, complete with ribbons etc. (I would have loved to try some, but the diet prevailed and it was a definite no, no!!)

I have just finished work on a new series for the BBC called CRISIS COMMAND – I am in 2 of the 3 episodes (Hostage and Flood!) which will air in May and I must say that the programme is fantastic.

The series asks members of the public to run the country for the day and then puts disasters/potential problems etc in their way to see how they will react – believe me you will be hooked!!

I am going to see a number of shows this month – Joseph and the amazing ……, 84 Charing Cross Road and the Constant Wife in Coventry, plus Four Knights in Knaresborough at the Bolton Octogan.

The latter three have Steven Pinder, Helen Grace and Ben Hull (all from Brookside) appearing respectively, so it will be good to see how they perform live ( especially Ben, as I did Four Knights with Nic Moran from Lock Stock and 2 smoking … about 3 years ago ).

A big hello to Shannon, Rhia, Jeff, Mike S, Lindsey, Anna, Rob M, Helen, Pauline, Davey, Andy, Beverley, Kimberley, and Samantha (Thanks for the emails – photos etc are on their way to you – sorry for the delay!!)

Fit Club is going well, loads of interviews (Radio, TV etc,) plus press etc, despite the fact that I am aching badly from the gymn sessions I have lost just under half a stone – good eh !!!!

Speak soon

Take Special Care

John xxxxxx