May 2004

It is amazing how much things can change in a month.

Last month I was disapointed with the way my career was progressing (or not more aptly), and this month it feels ten times worse.

I have not spoken to my agent in nearly a month and I have not been seen for anything at all.

In all my many years in the business that has never been the case.

I need to sit down, take stock of where I am, where I want to be and what I actually want to do.

I have set a date in my diary and will have to decide by then.

It is so sad when I see parts on different programmes where the acting is awful and I KNOW I could have done the job ten times better, and the worst part of all, is not even being seen for the job.

As I have said before it is a cutthroat industry, , but it just seems to be getting steadily worse, and I hate to say but the casting directors are probably the ones to lay the blame at.

Most casting directors send breakdowns or requests to the same old agencies, week after week, because they feel it's a safe bet as they have used the agents clients before.

How blinkered and sad is that, when there are thousands of actors who have agents that are not as well known, and the missed opportunity of never being seen, because they are not “name”.

The missed talent that these people are not tapping into is so abundantly clear, because we seem the same people turning up in similar roles in similar shows week after week after week.

In addition to this, and I don’t care if they deny it because it is true, (agents are just as bad in this approach by the way!!!) actors from the Southern part of England, or agents, very rarely get seen or get breakdowns for jobs North of Watford, and going the other way from the North rarely get seen for stuff casting down South – WHY !!!!!! – Stop the Stigma for christ sake.

I was speaking to a very well known and respected casting director the other day from Northern England, who told me, “we don’t actually use London Agents or Actors” —– WHAT !!!!

In that case people like myself who are caught in no mans land and live in the midlands will never get seen for anything, ah, maybe thats the reason why paragraphs 1-5 now make more sense !!!!

Enough already, rant over, summer is coming that means holidays, chilling out, getting toned and tanned sat out in the sun waiting for the phone to ring !!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 emails to answer and return this month, the fan base gets ever bigger !!!

Take Special Care

John xx