January 2005


It has been a while since I made an entry, and this is totally my fault!!!!!

Since my last entry, so much has happened, and yes, I am still trying to sort out redesigning my new website, it will come, I promise!!

I have had loads of holidays, and more booked in the near future, I love holidays, you may not believe this, but I hate New Year celebrations in the UK, so last year went to Paris, this year to New York and next year to Florida.

I have been to see one of my very few friends ( Boycey, a superb musical theatre performer, curretly playing Jesus in JCS on tour ) on a number of occasions, and he is awesome, if you get the chance to see him, make sure you do it – you won\’t be disapointed !!

I am still very active having completed a nice commercial for Saniflow, and was seen recently for Burial at Thebes (Stage), Doctor Who, Love Soup, Extras, and The Bill (TV ), none of which turned into work, but hey ho, still trying and who knows!!??!!

I speak to my agent on a regular basis, there are lots of things going out for me, and hopefully we will see if anything comes to fruition as the year draws to a close in 4.5 months time.

Keep your chins up and remember the words of Forest Gump – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you\’re gonna get !!

Be good and speak soon

John xxx