April 2006


Hiya Guys

I am writing this just prior to going away on a VERY well deserved sunshine break with the girls, I cannot wait and when I come back, I am going to really push on with my career, the last couple of years for me have been very hit and miss, yes, I have worked, but it has been very sporadic and I really want to get a grip on things and start to work far more often, who knows maybe 2006 will be my year !!!

I am still staggered by the website it has been running for about 3 and a half years now and in the past 3 months I have had contact with several old blasts from the past and numerous hits from all over the globe – how weird !! Just to say it has been absolutely fantastic to hear from:- Yahm Histreeeee Dicky, Scott the Smeagle ( a name invented by the way in 1990 – many years before Gollum and Lord of the Rings!! ), Ali ( what else can I say except cherries!!! ) and my old mate from my Cypriot army days – Peth!!!.

In March I had hits from ( get ready for this – and these are not all of them !!!! )

Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, Costa Rica, The Seychelles, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Thailand, Finland, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and the Russian Federation – what the hell are these people doing looking at my website…………………..weird!!

I did not get the job I went for on Afterlife, and started to get a bit paranoid about myself and started thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong ( it is an actor thing!! ) but have been re assured totally by the people I needed to hear it from that all was coooooool and I needed to chiiiiiiiiiiill a little bit ( all good things come to those who wait ) – that said I have been waiting for 20 years – patience is a virtue etc etc etc.