August 2006

I have as you know been toying with a new website for some time now, and I am pleased to tell all of you that at long last it is almost built.

There will be a new website address and you will still be able to access the new site via this one as well – if that makes sense.

I don\’t know why but for about 2 years the website or its hosts have had many many problems with the contact me section and my subsequent non received emails from it, I would like to apologize to anyone over the past 2 years who has sent emails via the site and not had a response, why I only get selective emails I do not know – it is not me being rude, I just have not received your mail.

We tried running it through my AOL account and that failed, we tried my orange account and that failed as a last resort we set up a special server via the web hosts, directed through to my outlook box and this has also failed, I know of at least six people in the last 3 months, and one in the last few days who has sent email via the site which I have not had – one was my new web hosts – hope to god its not sabbotage !!

The new site is terrific, it has a totally different look, will have footage of everything I have done – but this will take time and the site will constantly evolve, there will be a diary section, like this and I WILL get your emails and thats a promise!!

I am so excited about this and Ron is working very hard to get the site up and running – I will keep you posted on the development but keep your eyes peeled for a great new site.

July was dead as I told you previously, although my agent did ring to put me up for some commercial that required a guy with a big gut, maybe six months ago I told him, but no more. I havn\’t said a lot, but in the past six months I have lost over 2 and a half stone, feel fantastic and so much fitter. I will never be a slim Jim, as my build has always been like a rugby player, but I definitely am not fat any more and will be getting some new photos done in October so that you can see – I have to say I am very proud of myself, there is still a couple more stone to go, but I am getting there.

To those of you who have my private email address, NO the currently running afterlife series is the first series previously shown in 2004, hence why you have not seen me but I feel that the reason they are running it is as a pre cursor to the new series, don\’t forget I play Bill Durrant in episode one entitled Roadside Bouquets – enjoy !!!

Till next time thanks for listening and if anything happens of note I will add the usual stop press

Take care

John xxx