February 2006

Well, I did say I would try !!!

February has been VERY quiet for me apart from a really nice interview for the role of Jeffrey as the guest lead in DOCTORS, a fantastic part but sadly not mine !!

Before I go any further I would just like to say a big thank you to Duncan Rae for the most beautiful pencilled portrait of me I have ever seen ( I look younger, so that has got to be good !! ).

I never really thought the website would take off but in 2005/6 alone I had nearly 38,000 hits from all over the globe including such diverse places as Maui, the Czech Republic, Japan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Canada, Dominion Republic and of course LOADS from the UK, so hey, it was worth doing.

I have had two old friends contact me in the last few days via the website (you know who you are, and I PROMISE I will get in touch shortly !!) so it really feels that the site is pretty good and WORKING (we have had LOADS of problems!!)

One of my daughters teachers has just gone on the national tour of ANYTHING GOES, so we will be hooking up to see him at the Birmingham Hippodrome in the next couple of weeks (Good luck Mr Jay !!)

Paterson Joseph, I am VERY disappointed in you, especially after my act of kindness ( I suppose all actors cannot have their feet on the ground and avoid being so ignorant – MUPPET!!! )

I am SO looking forward to a nice break in glorious sunny weather shortly, top up the tan, run every morning, time with my girls and just as importantly time to RELAX.

Until the next time guys, where hopefully I may have a bit more acting stuff to tell you about.

As always – be good.

John xxx