January 2006

Well howdee !!

A new year, and who knows what it will bring.

I have been very lax with my updates, so, as a new years resolution I will try to do this as a minimum of quarterly if not monthly!!!

I have been over to New York for New Year celebrations which was great fun after a busy but vibrant christmas, it is the 3rd time I have been, and I love it, America is a great place and sometimes I wish we led our lives as the yanks do theirs!!!

Saniflow continues to run and I continue to chase monies through Andrew, it is a slow painful process but we always win.

I have just finished filming a new Ray Winstone drama called All in the Game for Channel 4, I play a teacher called Mr Marshall which is a nice but very small part (blink and you will miss me, I am in 2 small scenes) set amongst the world of football. The director Jim O Hanlon was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet and I really hope I work with him again sometime.

2005 was a dreadful year for me so I am hoping this year brings me much more luck and work, I am not bad so here\'s hoping!!!

My mate Craig gets married in September, so thats yet another thing to look forward to along with the usual birthdays, anniversarys and holidays this year to Fueteventura, Marbella, Morocco and Florida.

Hope you are all keeping well and I truly wish you all a fantastic 2006.

John xxxxx