July 2006

Well it has been a dreadful few weeks for me as an actor, I was seen for 2 Holby City episodes (one of which was 2 episodes in itself), a commercial for Oatibix and a commercial for the NSPCC.

I knew one of the Holby episodes would not happen as I could not get to grips with what the director wanted even though he explained it fully and gave me several chances to get it right – at the end of the day I knew I was not right for it, and this proved to be so.

The commercials are always a bit hit and miss but I really wanted to do the NSPCC commercial as it is one of my chosen charities and something I have a deep affinity to – truth be known, I would have done it for free, but again it was not to be and I am bitterly dissapointed and have become a little jaded with the whole thing and the business in general.

I really hope that things start to look up for me as I really want to work and I am finding it more and more difficult to do so.

Until next time, take care

John xx