June 2006

Hi All

Sorry for the delay, I was hoping to bring you some good news but it has not transpired so I will post this after all.

2 meetings so far, both of which went very well but have not turned into work, one was for a a nice commercial for Picture Loans which was a nice payer and would have been nice for the bank manager also.

The other was for the guest lead on Holby City which I would have put money on that would have turned into work, but as of today – Thurs 22nd June has not and is now unlikely to, shame as it was a great part that I would loved to have done.

Away from my side of things, I just wanted to say a big WELL DONE to Emily who now officialy provides the voice for Angelina Ballerina and is busy rehearsing for the Queens childrens party at the palace, there will be LOADS of work for her so I am over the moon.

Craigs wedding is looming and I am honing my best mans speech and trying to organize stag nights etc, I cannot believe that in 3 months he will be made an honest man – porrrrrrkkkkkrrrrrind!!!!!

Hope all is well in your lives as it is in mine and in the words of John Gaunt – if you have kids, give em a hug, give em a kiss and tell em you love em.

Until next time peeps

John x