April 2007

I write this on Sunday 1st April at 0900 hrs whilst my wife has taken my daughter to Brownies church parade – we are not religious but part of attending Brownies is that you attend church as often as possible – seeing as she has not been since January, we thought it wise ahe showed a face today, freeing me up to do some work on this and the new site which is coming along very nicely.

The launch date for the new site will be the 14th May 2007 and you will love it, I am in the studio over the next couple of weeks to get all the masses of TV footage onto digital tape so that we can edit them into decent clips for the site, I am so dissapointed however as the guy that was building my last site has either lost or mislaid several tapes and DVDs – all of which are unreplaceable and had fantastic footage on them, they included – All in the Game, the Saniflo commercial and several episodes of real good stuff from Brookside – still, I cannot dwell on this as I should be able cobble some stuff together from all the tapes I have left.

I popped into see my agents a few days ago and they were absolutely gobsmacked when they saw me – the last time was in December 2002 after I had just finished Brookside – suffice to say I was three and a half stone heavier then so when I bounded into their offices looking half the man I used to be, the reaction was fantastic and it made me feel GREAT !!

Dream Team was a hoot to film, I play a character who is the foreman of the tyre garage where Big Phil and Deano work, its only a small part but it\'s a credit for the early part of 2007.

I auditioned for the role of Thomas in the BBCs new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility but I did not get it and I am gutted as I have never done a period drama and I would have loved to dress up in all the oldstyle clothes!!

I did however manage to secure the role of John the Chef in a new corporate style commercial that will last about 29 minutes in length running on the JML shopping channel regularly throughout the day, seven days a week for years to come – watch it – it is REALLY GOOD, so a big thank you to Angie (who plays my wife), Simon, Johnathan and Jen (producers and directors) and Dave, Chris, Drew and Matt – some of the nicest crew I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

It was a tiring shoot and very technical at times but we got it done and the finished product is something we can all be proud of.

Well I am going to sign off now as a trip out for Sunday lunch beckons with my girls – if anything of note happens in April, I will add a stop press, in the meantime remember the launch date for the new site and keep checking back.

Until next time, take special care