August 2007

It is late on a Saturday afternoon (it always seems to be the best time to write these) and at long last the SUN IS OUT !!!!

Hopefully if the weather stays fine, the BBQ will be out and we will have a nice 28 day aged steak with some rocket and parmesan salad washed down with a couple of very cold glasses of Sancerre or a lovely Chilean chardonay that has been sent to me by my wine club – beautiful !!

The reshoot for the Tarmac shoot has been and gone and it went like a dream, it was still very tiring but the recasting was just genius (a total master stroke) and made our job a hundred times easier – great cast again and all good lads so my sincere thanks to the crew but more importantly my partners in crime – John, Craig, Mike, Alan, Fred and 2 great new additions in Carl and Paul – awesome !!!!

Only a few days now until my well deserved holiday to Marbella, I cannot wait. The girls are out at the moment picking up sun screens, euros, books etc for the journey and the seven glorious days of sunshine that is pretty much guaranteed.

It is quite a busy month socially in August what with the holiday, the one day cricket international against India, my beloved tractor boys kicking off their campaign to return to the premiership (where they belong incidentally!), a trip with my daughter to see Cats, a long weekend to Jersey (never been!) and a trip to London to see some friends (whew!!!).

I have just been gubbed into buying my daughter some Nintendo DS games for her holiday (not that I mind) and now I am taking her off to some maze that she wants to go to, if my September entry is late, send out the search parties I could still be lost in the darned thing !!!!!!

Until next time, when I hope and pray that I will have something mainstream (work wise) to tell you about, take special care.

John x