February 2007

It is now the 8th February 2007, both me and most of the country are grounded because of a torrent of snow – actually it is not that much but everything grinds to a halt in the UK after one flake !!

We had a fantastic time in Florida although now it seems a distant memory, we met some wonderful people, rode some awesome rides, had FANTASTIC weather, swam with dolphins, ate fantastic food, swam in the best parks and it was worth every penny !!!

I have some news about the website – hooray !!!. Unfortunately things did not work out with Ron so I have employed another company who are working on the site as we speak – I have no idea what it is going to look like but I really am quite excited – I will let you know when I see the first draft !

7 weeks into the new year and not a sniff of an audition – I hope things pick up soon !!

I am forty this year – I cannot believe it, my wife and daughter are planning some nice celebrations, we have reservations at Anthony Worral Thompsons restaurant – Notting Grill, tickets for a show and we are staying at our favourite hotel in Kensington – awesome, in addition to that I am being taken to Venice for a long weekend with the girls and the in laws so cannot wait – I have never been to Venice so Gondalas, Pasta and a visit to Harrys Bar are all beckoning.

I am over the moon with my new headshots which can be viewed via my spotlight page and my casting call page along with some voice clips – some of these will be on the new site as well so keep your eyes peeled !!

Well, I am going to sign off now, I am at home with my daughter who has the day off school due to the snow, we are going to play Buzz Jungle Party on the PS2 – no doubt she will thrash me again.

Until next time, be good

John xxx