July 2007

My apologies for writing this later than I would have liked but things have been pretty manic of late.

I have just returned from watching the West Indies wallop us in the second one day international game (I am amazed that the weather only affected play for around 20 minutes), so Trent Bridge beckons to see who will win the series.

I love watching cricket it is not at all boring (as I thought it would be) and to be fair I was hooked after I had seen England thump the Aussies at Edgbaston in the glorious 2005 ashes series (it was my first live match – and I loved it !!), I normally go on my own, have a few sherberts and then get a cab back home, but in August I am off to see the boys take on the mighty India with a couple of mates who can really drink, so my liver will take a battering on that day – guaranteed !!!

Away from sport, life trundles on and for the first time in my career I am being pro active, I have just finished a large corporate drama for Tarmac playing a quarry worker called Glen, we shot it over a couple of days and it was a really long, tiring and frustrating shoot – suffice to say all the actors were glad when it was finally in the can. The next day I was with Sean (a great bloke who edits all my tv footage on the site to make me look good) when I received a call saying that all the Tarmac footage was unusable as it was green and we would have to go back to totally reshoot it. At first I thought it was a wind up – but no, it was totally genuine and we are reshooting it again at some point over the coming weeks.

Speaking of Sean and the TV clips footage, I hope that you are enjoying them as both him and I have spent many hours together getting the look, feel and edits right for your enjoyment. I have had a few emails saying that the clips keep freezing – unfortunately if you are not on broadband some of the clips will take forever to load and will prove virtually impossible to watch, if you are on broadband then my advice is to click on the screen once the clip starts to play, press the pause button and let it “load” for about a minute and this should solve the problem, those of you on super dooper fast broadband will not have this problem.

The Brookside clips are up (at least some of them) and there are probably two more 10 minute sections to edit and upload, along with the Saniflo commercial and the Ray Winstone drama “All in the game” – keep checking back to view them.

I am off for a well deserved break in the sun soon but typically it is the day that the new footy season starts and I was intending to watch my beloved tractor boys at home to Sheffield Wednesday – still a flight out to sunny climes comes in a very close second !!!!

Take care and many thanks for all the emails I have received recently.

John x