May 2007


There is not a lot to report this month especially on the acting front.

My agents have changed their name from Jeffrey and White to Jeffrey White and Silvey Associates – it should not affect me in any way but I must speak to them as they now sound like a firm of Solicitors or Chartered Accountants !!!!. Seriously though, they do a great job and thats all that matters.

My daughter has just landed her first agent and will appear in Spotlight from September, she had to audition for them and chose to do the Sound Man by Roger McGough for which she got distinction in her recent LAMDA exam, she may not get much work (like her Dad !!) but we will at last be able to see if this is a business she wants to be part of.

Work is at break neck speed on the site which will launch on 14TH MAY 2007, films are being edited and there are only a couple of minor changes to the pages – hopefully you will love it, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS SITE WILL CLOSE SHORTLY AFTERWARDS AND YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE THE NEW SITE………


Anyway, enough for this month, as always take care.

John x