November 2007

Hi Guys

Another late entry – I think I am losing my touch !!

You will see that there are some new clips in the tv section – I hope you like them.

I have finished some good corporate work of late for Tarmac, British Telecom and Travis Perkins so these will be edited by the wonderful Sean along with the final Brookside clip and a casting directors showreel which will be a 5 minute compilation of all the best bits that are currently there – although deciding which bits to use may prove a problem !!

I had a nightmare recently – I was asked to go to a casting for a dutch bank commercial, with the appointment being at 1230 – these sort of things ALWAYS run late so I thought I would be clever and get a cheaper train getting me into Euston at 1233 knowing that it was a 15 minute cab ride to the studio and that the trains are always on time if not early.

BIG MISTAKE – the train arrived in late at 1245 and when I got to the taxi rank there were no cabs (normally there are hundreds) and a massive waiting queue. After nearly 20 minutes I got a cab and hit the most horrendous traffic and every red light possible – suffice to say that at 1315 I rang the studio to inform them of what had happened and that I was 5 minutes away – to be told they couldn’t wait any longer and they were going out of the door as I was speaking.

Suffice to say the cab driver duly did a U turn back to Euston and I achieved the square route of nothing minus about £100 for the privelege of travel – Doh !!!!!

My daughter has had more success and following on from last months entry DID get the Pantomime she auditioned for – she does 8 performances over the 11 week run and I am delighted for her.

She also did extremely well in her swimming gala (I told you to have some money on her months ago !!) gaining a fifth, two thirds and two seconds (missing out on a first by 4 hundredths of a second – another Doh !!!!!).

Things were a bit catastrophic this month – our boiler packed up at home and was leaking 72% unburnt gas from the flue and we were reported to Britiish Gas, we had a huge flood in our garage from the leaking hosepipe tap and my wife had a fire at her salon, they say things come in threes – so I guess that should be it , fingers crossed, but I think I may have hurt the family hamster whilst I was cleaning him as I trapped him in his cage – he squeeled like hell and is keeping a really low profile – I hope to god he does not die as my life won’t be worth living !!!

Thanks for all the recent emails from various sources – it is much appreciated.

I will ensure that the December entry is posted on time – PROMISE !!!!

Until next time

John x