October 2007

Hi Guys

Sorry the entry is a little late this month – there seems to be a gremlin in the system !!

A dreadful month for me with just one casting for me playing Kris a santa claus character in the new Currys christmas campaign – I was meant to be Scandinavian but I looked at some of the other names at the casting and realised I had no chance – thanks Guys !!! The names were Fred Johannson, Lukkas Rossen, Jackob Goussen – all definitely nordic unlike John Burton – Doh !!!!!!

My daughter had an audition for Aladdin and did not get it either – chip off the old block eh !!

I was invited as the guest speaker at a recent equity meeting and hope that I gave some invaluable advice on acting, agents, the business and other things in general – I actually enjoyed it so will be doing more guest speaking at various drama schools and clubs soon.

Some of you will know that I have been training hard for a half marathon, I have been doing 10km races quite regularly so this is a step up, all was going well until I got a really bad injury into my hip and groin down the buttocks and into the leg – it comes and goes but sometimes I cannot get into my car without the pain causing me to shout scream and cry – it is unbearable, god knows what I have done but the three men in my life at the moment need to pull their fingers out as the race is imminent and I am determined to be in it.

Jag my personal trainer and Jim and Pete my osteopaths best work their magic quickly or my plans will be scuppered !!

I am off on a sunny sunny holiday very shortly so cannot wait. I will be sat or laid by the pool on a very comfortable sunbed with an ice cold beer in one hand and one of two books in the other “Both barrels from Brazil” and “Undaunted” by 2 of the best talk jocks in the land – Alan Brazil and Jon Gaunt respectively – awesome!!

A huge thank you to my beloved tractor boys for providing superb entertainment at Portman Road against Preston North End – you were worth the 5 hour journey up and down the dreaded A14!!!

Before I sign off totally I have just come back from the most fantastic party weekend with all my family in Hebden Bridge, it was my cousins 50th birthday and my other cousins 18th – a joint do that neither of them knew anything about – it was a great night and it meant that we could get an excuse to go up to the farm where I spent many happy days of my childhood and which my girls absolutely LOVE !! – so thank you to all my family for keeping us fed watered and entertained – it was brill !!!!

So thats it guys and in the words of the fantastic Jon Gaunt, “if you’ve got kids give them a kiss, give them a hug and don’t forget to tell them that you love em”

Until next time.

John x