September 2007

Hi Guys

Well another month has passed me by and still I have no work, this is despite my agent telling me that there are lots of things being submitted but no interviews forthcoming !!

I had some new photos done about a year ago and maybe it is these (although I don’t look much different facially from the ones taken 3 years earlier!!) as I seemed to get seen for things on a far more regular basis (or maybe that's just my age and wishful thinking !!!).

All this aside, having no work, meetings, interviews, castings or auditions meant I could spend a lot more time with the girls on a social basis – and believe me there was a lot of socialising !!!

My daughter has been off on the school holidays so it meant we could spend some quality time together, so we have been to numerous theme parks, plenty of cinemas, bowling alleys etc etc and saw Cats (The Musical !!), this is in addition to having a wonderful week in Marbella (red hot !!), see the boys spank the Indians in the ODI at Edgbaston (despite being stuck in the no alcohol section – sorry Matt and Terry !!!!) and having the best knees up I have had in a long long time with all my treasured, loved and valued family in Harrogate at my cousin Sue's wedding – great do, great time and a real pleasure to catch up with people whom you only ever see at weddings, christenings and funerals (we promised to see each other more often from now on !!).

My daughter and I did have an audition together for a Mastercard commercial but didn’t get it – still, it gives her the experience and she just loves going in and meeting people – something which I hate and after all these years still am not very good at !!

I am off to Jersey in a couple of days so am looking forward to that and have a holiday booked to Fueteventura in late October which is looming on the horizon.

A film beckons called “Kiss me slowly, Kill me Quick” written by a guy called Steve Foster, the script is great and I am doing a rehearsed reading in mid September along with some other actors with a view to me playing one of the parts – I will keep you posted on this !!!

I have had a lot of people contact me since the last entry so would just like to say a big thank you and I will be in touch with you all soon – apologies in advance for the delay !!

Well, that's it – another entry completed, hopefully I will be able to add some work as a stop press before the month runs out – AGAIN !!!

Be Good and Take Special Care