April 2008

Hi Guys

Well it is the second of May as I write the April entry for the ever growing diary section of the site.

Last months entry was very downbeat (having just re read it) and summed up how I was feeling at that time. 4 weeks is a long time in showbiz so things have greatly improved since then.

Although I still have not worked, my agents have assured me that all is good and their determinarion to get me seen a plenty in 2008 will show no let up – that made me feel heaps better !!

It was after a phone call to the office that 2 meetings came up very close together, firstly a commercial casting for Nintendo Wii Fit which turned out to be a cattle call of the worst kind – there were hundreds of people there, including real families that were not even actors!!

The other was a quality meeting with a fantastic casting director called Jill Trevellick (who casts loads of stuff and is one of a few casting directors I have not met) for a new BBC drama which will sit into the Doctor Who/Robin Hood slot called “Merlin”.

I was seen for the part of Gregory /Captain of the Guard – a foot soldier in Camelot but I knew when I left the meeting that I had not got the job – just call it gut instinct – (I have been in the business long enough to know when things havn’t gone particularly well – and this was one of them) – I was really down in the dumps for a couple of days as I so wanted to do it – but it wasn’t meant to be.

But hey I am a fair guy so sincere best wishes and good luck to the actor that got the job – I bet it will be an absolute ball to be involved with that show !!

Away from work I am busy doing odds and sods, my friend has just passed her driving test – so well chuffed about that. I have booked a skiing holiday to Austria for the Christmas/New Year period so that is something to look forward to and I have a few other things on the boil which I can tell you about when I get back from Paris.

Thank you so much for all the direct contacts I have received recently – I will get back to you all soon – I promise !!

Until next time, take care.

John x