August 2008

Hi Guys

Well the Priestly play did not happen and I am gutted – but it was obviously not meant to be so there it is.

I made contact with the actor that got the role however and we are going to hook up for a beer and I can also see how he interprets the part – he seems a really nice guy so it will be great to actually meet him.

Keep all your fingers crossed as I am about to audition tomorrow for yet another chef commercial – how ironic is it that I am a fully qualified chef but all the chef jobs I go for never pan out for me – weird !!

The Sainsbury commercial has now finished but I have been reliably informed that it will have another 6 week run very shortly – it turns out that it has been one of the most popular ads they have ever screened !!

My daughter is well and truly ensconssed in filming “Nativity” and this is due for general release toward the back end of 2009 – more to follow !!

She has also auditioned for the Belgrade annual Christmas panto – so again, news to follow if that all works out !!

Apart from the commercial tomorrow all is quiet, my beloved ITFC are not performing as they should and to cap it all we have had yet another awful summer due to the dreadful weather – AND THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME FOR IT !! – normally at least we can blame government for things that go wrong but we can’t even do that !!

I want to thank all the people who have been in touch lately – especially those from 8 Field Workshop – guys, I am SERIOUSLY thinking about organizing a weekend reunion – get your feelers out with all the other contacts you have to see if it is a goer !!

Until next time gringo's

John xx