December 2008

Well happy new year to you all !!

I have just returned from a weeks glorious skiing in the tyrrol valley – Austria

Whichever idiot told me it was like riding a bike – as in you never forget – was wrong.

I seemed to spend more time on my backside than upright on my skiis and my very first day being graded by the various ski instructors on a steep red run was daunting to say the least.

At least I was not put in the bottom group (even though I fell on my grading run!), to say I have not skied for nearly 12 years I was very pleased with my progress.

By day 4 I had stopped falling over and my instructor even took me into deep powder snow off piste – something I have never done before and truly an exhilirating experience.

I now have the bug again and am trying to persuade the girls to go again this Christmas – maybe to Italy !!

I did some work in December on a British Telecom corporate and spent the day filming in a real crown court. I got to sit in the accused's chair (not something I would like to do for real!) and the judges chair (very impressive and a fantastic view of proceedings) – forget Judge John Deed, this was Judge John Burton.

I will be posting some images soon so keep an eye on the gallery section of the site.

I am going to see my agents at some point in January or February, it has been a while since I saw them face to face and telephone calls/emails can be a bit impersonal.

There are a number of issues I want to discuss with them and a major irk that I need to get off my back concerning the musical Oliver, the character Bill Sykes and an actor called Burn Gorman – I will write more when I have asked what I need to ask !!

2008 was a very poor year for me and I don’t want it repeated in 2009. I was only seen for 9 things in the whole of the year – 5 commercials, 2 TVs, 1 Film and a theatre job.

The old addage of throw enough doo doo at the wall and some of it sticks is very true – but I NEED TO BE SEEN MORE !!!!

I wil be pushing my agents hard in 2009 and trying to pull some additional strings myself – so please keep those fingers crossed for me.

Well hopefully i will have some more news for you next month

All the best

John x