July 2008

Hi Everyone

Apologies for the very late entry into the diary but I don’t seem to have much spare time at the moment.

Still better late than never so I am writing this whilst downloading some tunes, listening to clips of the week (talksport) and filling in my quarterly VAT return.

My laptop has that much stuff on it that everytime I do something on it a message pops up saying that I am running low on disc space on my C drive. I think the time has now come to get myself a fixed one with a much bigger memory and just use my laptop for when I am out and about. I am very very tempted to buy a MAC as I think they are lovely to use and very quick, maybe a trip to the apple store is imminent.

As I am writing this later than I would have liked – the Sainsburys commercial is well under way and into it's second week. The power of television never ceases to amaze me and I must have been stopped/asked about this commercial more than anything else I have done. It must be getting stacks of airtime – but I have only seen it once !

It was a hoot to film and my “family” made it even better 3 great people who made the job easy and fun – so a big thank you to them and all the crew who were great, I hope you like the commercial and if you have not seen it yet then it will be up on this site in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of the Sainsburys commercial, I received a weird call from Abbot Mead Vickers (The agency) to ask me whether I have ever been a footballer – apparently a member of the public had seen the commercial and written in to Sainsburys who then passed it onto the agency for them to get an answer, one question …….. Why ?

Why would someone take the time and effort to do that, as they say on talksport – what a waste of ink !!!

I have been seen for 3 things in July none of which I got – but at least I am getting seen, gutted I have not got any of them though. One was for a film playing a copper called DC Harmison in “Tormented”, the other was a Scandinavian chef for a Norweigan supermarket (I really thought I would have got that !) and the other for a JB Priestly play called “Dangerous Corner” at the New Victoria. The latter may still hold some hope as I only saw them on 31st July, it went well enough so you never know. I would LOVE to do that play !!

I got back from the cricket after a fantastic day when the only way we could lose was if we really made some big mistakes – guess what ? WE LOST !!!!!

I had a fantastic mini break in London with the girls, I go down there so often I thought it would be rubbish, but to be fair it was ace.

We did all the tourist stuff including things like the open bus tour around the city, the river cruise up to Greenwich from the house of commons, a meal at Planet Hollywood, trips to London zoo, the national history museum (fantastic !!!), Hamleys, Hyde Park, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and went to see an unbelievable Doctor Who exhibition at Earls Court which had everything from the Tardis to Daleks and the face of Bo to the Cybermen – AWESOME !!!!

Well, enough waffle for the time being, keep watching those ads and Justin, Dave, Dave, Sue, Michelle, Gary, Rachel, Mike, Hal and Jeff, I have received all your emails and will be getting back to you shortly – thanks for the lovely feedback !

Speak again soon

John xx