June 2008

Hi Guys

It is Sunday morning the 22nd June, the sun is glorious and shining madly through my office window but it is still blowing one hell of a gale !!

I have just watched the most amazing episode of Dr Who that was “Sky Plussed” from last night – it was awesome and the preview of next weeks episode looks even better, sometimes I often think if I had one wish, then it would be able to “time travel” – how cool would that be !!

Lots of news this month starting with the cricket (actually that's all I can write as it was a total wash out and I ended up back in a taxi several hours earlier than I had anticipated) I am praying for good weather when I go to see them play South Africa in early August.

I had a great time at my daughters school fete with the other PTA members where we ended up cooking BBQs, doing raffles , face painting, cake making and the like.

After it was all finished we were well and truly shattered but that did not stop some of us ordering Chinese and sitting outside in the cool summer breeze drinking Magners on ice and warm bottles of red wine to the early hours. Beautiful !!

I have been asked to sit for the Equity committee and I have said yes, I do not know the levels of involvement but I probably soon will, it is nice to be asked and give something back to the proffesion..

I am about to start shooting a film based in and around the Midlands where I play a henchman intent on killing people, it has been on the back burner for a while but rehearsals have started and the first shots to be put “in the can” will be on the 5th July – I have mentioned the project in earlier entries so you can see how long it has been on the horizon.

I am off to watch The Hulk this afternoon with my wife whilst my daughter is at yet another party, so I am looking forward to that.

I am leaving for London later on today as I am away for a couple of days filming a new Sainsbury commercial with Jamie – it should be good fun but it is an early call so I have a gut feeling that it is going to be a couple of really busy and long days, I will let you klnow how it all went in the July entry..

As always thank you so much for all the personal contacts – they are always greatly appreciated !!

Take care

John xx