March 2008

Hey Guys

It's at times like these when I think – shall I just jack it all in and get a PROPER job …

I went to see my agents after that wonderful relaxing holiday in early February ( I actually saw them on 26th Feb to be precise ! ) full of hope, aspiration and a real zing/zest for what was to come.

5 weeks later – nothing, diddly squat, not even a commercial casting (which are ten a penny), I just cannot believe it. Is it me or are things totally out of my control !!

I am starting to get really paranoid and wonder (despite all the great credits and stuff that I've done) whether this really is the right job for me.

I see the same actors and the same agents getting all the good jobs (and even the poor ones) which means there is little or nothing else to go around – I am in a right quandry and don’t know which way to turn ………….

Away from the terrible blues of the business, life continues to roll on mercilessly (Jeepers – i will be 41 in around six weeks time !!) and the only thing I have that I am looking forward to is a 4 night break to Paris with my girls – see, life is not all that bad , as I will soon be eating Moules et Frites, sipping a fabulous Sancerre and meeting up once again with my old friend Mike (he has lived in Paris for a few years now), I am one of the lucky ones who get to call him this on account I have spent so much time and money in his presence (the rest of you have to call him Mickey) but still it will be good to see him again (oh and Minnie of course !)

The first of April has arrived which means that from now until September 1st my jeans and tops have been packed away and out have come the 3/4 length shorts and tee shirts – no matter what the weather !!!

Well I am off now to watch a few more episodes of the ever fantastic “Spooks” and will go to bed dreaming that April – December will bring in stacks of work – but I won’t be holding my breath ……………………

John x