May 2008

Hi Guys

Not a lot to report this month, hence the very short entry.

Had a fantastic time in gay Paree apart from having to ride rock ‘n’ roller coaster and the tower of terror far too many times (nightmare!), still the weather was great and it was quality time away which is the most important thing.

I went for a commercial casting which is always a bit hit and miss and could not believe the ammount of well known faces in the room (and I mean people that EVERYONE would know instantly !!)., these things tend to be a bit overpowering and you always end up doing things in the casting that you would never do in real life (I have some “way out there” tales that I could not ever put pen to paper about, but suffice to say the life of an actor is definitely NOT glamorous !!!)

I will hopefully post more in the June entry when I have a bit more time – I seem to be running around at the moment like the proverbial “headless chicken” !!

All the best

John x