September 2008

Hi Guys

It has been a while since I wrote as there has not really been a lot to say.

For all of you who kept the fingers crossed – a big thank you, I was pencilled (shortlisted) for the Austrian commercial but was eventually told that they had decided to cast in Austria – I don’t believe them though !

I saw the opening Merlin episode I auditioned for and I was glad that I did not get it – the part had been cut down to just one line but the actor concerned is also in episode 4 so it maybe a decent part after all, maybe if Jill Trevellick sees fit I may be bought in for another part in the second series.

Have you ever heard of an actor called BURN GORMAN – no, neither have I.

I asked one of my agents to get me seen for the role of Bill Sykes in the new Oliver production at the Theatre Royal – (a part I would be perfect for) and she told me that it wouldn’t happen for me as they were going with a name ! – some name hey, the guy has done a couple of episodes of Torchwood !

So a big thank you to the casting director of Oliver (probably David Grindrod as he casts pretty much everything musical theatre) for giving me a chance as I know I would have been really good. The character only has one song to sing so it is predominently an acting role!

I know it may sound like I am bitter – and hey ho, yes I bloody am.

I have totally fallen out of love with the business due to the lack of meetings with Casting Directors, Job offers, actors who I see constantly working (who aren’t all that) and the total narrow minded view that all decent actors are from London with a “named” agent – what a load of bull !!

Oh well, enough of the rant, I am off to fast for the remainder of the night as I have a blood test in the morning – I can’t even have a large Jacky Daniels to drown my sorrows !!

Anyway, thanks for listening to the rant – oh before I go to add insult to injury I went to The Valley (Charlton FC) on Saturday to see my beloved tractor boys play, only for them to lose and cost me £30 for the ticket, £60 for the train ticket, £80 for Taxis and £20 for a couple of pints a pie and a programme – Cheers Lads !!!

The only saving grace from the trip was a great conversation with a really nice cabbie who took me from Greenwich back to Euston thereby making himself late for a romantic meal with his new girlfriend (who was a dance and fitmess instructor) – top bloke !

Be good all – lets hope next months entry is a little more positive !

John x