November 2009

Hi all

We are now 2 days into the month of December and this could be a record for me.

I got to thinking, if I try and enter the diary content as early as possible in the month (for the previous month) then I wouldn’t have to constantly think …I need to do the months diary entry!

Makes sense eh? Let's see if it lasts.

Well. The premiere for “Nativity” was great and I know lots of you have now been to see it. It has been watched by some of you in places such as Sheffield, Harrogate and Edinburgh – I hope you enjoyed it as much as me … AND we were lucky enough to get some really good “blink and you’ll miss me” moments.

Thanks for some really lovely emails and messages of support for “Catherine”.

I auditioned for a new BBC drama called “Daughters” and was offered a lovely part – unfortunately it is shooting whilst I am away on holiday with the girls. Because of the nature of the scenes I was working on – the dates were fixed and unchangeable – typical eh!!

Still, one saving grace, at least I have a week away over the Christmas period with the loves of my life and I am sure that sitting on a beach with a good book and a very large cocktail will more than make up for the disappointment.

Some sad news for me this month. My mentor, colleague and good friend has departed for pastures new (Virgin Atlantic no less!!) and I will miss the regular daily banter. Obviously we will still be in touch and who knows what the future holds, I am confident that our paths will cross again.

I went to a commercial casting for “Gold-buyer” – and didn’t get the part, it was probably the most uncomfortable audition I have ever attended in my whole career. Not only was it embarrassing I was totally wrong for the role and this was obvious after the long silence from the casting couch at the end of the audition. NEVER do I want to experience anything like that again.

I would never normally slate a company publicly (and this has nothing to do with the above paragraph) but if you are looking to do some corporate entertainment in the form of a murder-mystery evening – DO NOT use a company called “Knights Templar”.

I have had some dealings with them of late and they have to be the rudest, most arrogant self centered company I have ever known. I have a large group of friends who work in this sort of arena and I will be telling all of them to give this company the widest berth possible. I truly, truly hope that they have an abysmal 2010.

The month of December is one of the most manic and happy months for me, it seems that everything and everyone is trying to cram things in before the year-ends. Here's hoping that I am not too stressed before Saint Nick arrives.

Be good and speak again soon.

John x