April 2010


Well Easter has come and gone and we find ourselves already into May which I think is frightening, I cannot believe how it seems to have gone so quickly.

On a professional point of view, April was extremely quiet.

I was seen for one commercial for Tetley tea and a television programme for BBC switch and BBC 2 called “The Cut” during the month, neither which turned into a job.

After all the things going on with Mum I felt for the first time in ages really up for the TV interview, I was given the script in advance (which is a rarity), learnt it thoroughly and went to London feeling really confident about the meeting.

There was already a guy waiting (a big bruiser of a fella) and another guy on his way in as I walked into reception, three more guys came in whilst I was waiting for my slot. I don't know about the guys that went in after me but the two guys I have already mentioned were both in the meeting for about 20 minutes and the first guy was asked to stay behind.

I went into the room, no pleasantries as such, just a shaking of hands and was told lets get straight into it and put it on camera (there was a casting director, a producer and a writer/director), I was in and out in about five minutes (not asked to stay behind) and managed to fluff up my lines – I could not believe it. All that planning and preparation and I still messed up!!

I don't know what it is. Am I coming across too confident/not confident enough, am I showing signs of nerves, am I reading it too quickly/slowly. I am at a loss as to where and how I am going wrong. It is a bit like a football striker (centre forward) who is on a bad run of luck and cannot score a goal.

He knows he is a good footballer and he knows he can score goals but when he receives the ball and is bearing down on the goalkeeper, one on one – he dinks it over the bar or puts it wide. That's the only way I can sum it up – I NEED TO SCORE A GOAL!!!

Normally when the goal eventually goes in, the striker is back up and running and the goals come far more frequently – but until that point – NIGHTMARE!!

I am not too bothered about commercials because as I have said before, they are very hit and miss and normally rely on a look rather than specific talent. Television is another matter and when I don't get the job it hits me hard and where it hurts.

Still, although it doesn't make up for these failures it has, as always, been busy in every other aspect of my life, at least I can be busy and successful doing something!

Lets hope that Mays entry can be a little more positive and that elusive goal finally gets scored.

All the best

John x