August 2010

Hi Guys

Another month done and dusted.

It was a busy month in August and I was really hoping to bring you some good news – but it isn't to be.

I was seen for a nice part on Coronation Street last week (I must be doing SOMETHING right as they keep bringing me in) and I read it as well as I could, I left, thinking that this time was my time. I felt good, the read went well, and the feedback was positive – but nothing, no offer, and no call – zilch!

The goal drought continues!

Aside from that I thoroughly enjoyed the cricket v Pakistan – a memorable victory and lots of wickets falling plus the Cockspur rum was flowing very nicely. It's a shame that allegations of recent corruption and cheating have come to light as it puts a cloud over the whole thing.

It was also fantastic to meet up with an old friend albeit in very sad circumstances, I haven't seen Scott for 15 years but it's amazing how quickly you fall back into each others company after so long with such ease – they are the qualities of a true friend no matter how much time passes in between.

Windsor races was great although this was also slightly marred as my father in law had a heart attack – he is doing well now. My run of bad luck continued, I was the only one who didn't have a winner – nothing new there.

I went running the other day and had to pull up after half a mile, it felt like I had been shot in the calf – I was in agony. The healing hands of the sports injury specialist came through though and I hope to be able to get a run in over the next couple of weeks.

It must be an age thing I reckon, I am starting to get more injuries and they are taking longer to heal each time – age is one of the few things we cannot fight – but I will do my best, that's for sure.

As always (although very unlikely) if anything of any relevance happens before the next diary entry – I will update this with a **Stop press**

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John x