February 2010

Hi Guys

February was quite a busy month with a whole raft of things going on,

Work wise it was disappointing as I only had 3 meetings both of which failed to materialize into any job offers. Admittedly two were for commercials so they can be very hit and miss (one of them I would have loved to do as it was good money and filming in South Africa!) however the age brief changed on one and I was obviously not right for the other.

I was really down in the dumps about the other meeting though, it was for Coronation Street over 2 episodes playing a nice part (I cannot say anymore as it is story driven and it would be wrong of me). I thought I had read the script well but after a few days my agent got in touch and said there was not going to be a job offer and that the casting director had told her I had given a rather disappointing read.

As I said to my agent I didn't travel all the way to Manchester to intentionally give a bad read, I interpreted the part as I thought right. What really got me however was after I had read the script, the director said he was happy with what I had done, he looked like he was going to ask me to read it again and then said, no, he was happy. The casting director said to him if you're happy then that's fine we will leave it at that. He replied again no, I'm happy.

Why on earth if I gave a disappointing read would you say this but even worse not give me any feedback on how to express the script, whether to read it read it slower or quicker, or give any notes at all or allowing me the opportunity to read it again?

That is what drives me mad about the business at times, if you are not told where you are going wrong how on earth can you put it right? Pah!!

On a lighter note it was my daughters birthday party and we had a huge amount of fun tobogganing on the snow slopes with her and 19 of her friends, it was really cold but that did not stop them really enjoying themselves on what turned out to be a great party for her.

I also got to go and see my family in Yorkshire, some live in Harrogate and others live in Hebden Bridge so we spent 3 nights and 4 days flitting between the two and just catching up, it was lovely!!

March is already upon us so I really hope to get more work opportunities and more importantly turn those meetings into jobs – I need my mojo back … and quick!!

I will be back to write in early April, so see you then!

John x