January 2010

Hi Guys

Well I am now able to close the books on 2009 and draw some real positives from it

I obtained new representation, which has resulted in me getting seen far more regularly.

I worked on my first feature film with a major Hollywood “A lister”

I auditioned for my first theatre role in a long time………..and

I became another year older (well it can't all be good news!!)

I was hoping to bring you some good news regarding a lucrative advertising campaign for a holiday in space (for legal reasons I cannot name the company involved) but it wasn't to be. It went really well as there were loads of other actors there and I was in the audition room for quite some time (which is normally a good sign!). I also met up with a couple of actors whom I have worked with over the years and not seen in a while, so it was quite good to go anyway.

I have been invited to see a great new play at the Nottingham playhouse with a really impressive cast including Mark Benton, Tim Dantay and Sarah White (you might not recognize their names but if you Google the name followed by the word actor, you will definitely recognize them!). I have worked with Tim and Sarah before on different productions and met Mark a few times when we have worked on the same show but in different scenes, so I am really looking forward to watching “A day in the death of Joe Egg” as it was written by the award winning playwright Peter Nicholls.

I did one of Peter's plays years ago called Blue Murder and all the cast and crew went out for a meal on opening night after the show in Plymouth. Sadly Peter had a huge heart attack in the restaurant but fortunately went on to make a full recovery and is still going strong.

Well another audition is looming at the weekend, this time for Irn Bru, I will keep you posted if it turns out well, if not I will speak to you all again in March for February's entry.

Take care

John xx