March 2010

Hi All

It seems that every month I write with continual bad news – and this month offers no respite.

My mind has been elsewhere throughout the month and if truth were known for a while now.

My mother passed away in mid March and it hit us all pretty hard, it is amazing (unless you have experienced it yourself) how it puts things into perspective and what you thought was important yesterday, really means nothing today.

It has really brought home one thing, not only to me but to the girls as well and that is (without sounding too clichéd) that life is precious, we are only here for a visit, so it's important to enjoy each others company, do the things that you want to do today, don't leave it until next week or next month and make the most of every precious second because when the candle goes out – that's it – you're a long time dead.

I don't mean to sound morose or morbid as I feel a whole lot better both personally and professionally and I hope that despite all the trials and tribulations of the last few months, the light I see at the end of the tunnel will become a full on summer BBQ heat wave!!

Anyway, it was lovely to get away with the girls over Easter to sunny climes, warm the bones and RELAX!! – Great food, even better wine and fantastic company with good friends – Matt, Sarah, Jack and Amy (we cannot wait to go away with you all again at Christmas).

Matty, just remember to look after them dags!!! Maaaaaarnnnin!!!!!!

On the sporting front my team looks pretty steady now (up the tractor boys!) and I think we should be safe (nestling in about mid table) for next season. I may treat myself to a season ticket next year – who knows?

I am also sweating on a bet that I placed some time ago (with a very nice payout) which as it stands, looks pretty good – but hey, it's football, so who knows: –

Arsenal will win the Premier league, Tottenham will finish 4th and Burnley will be relegated (sorry Burnley fans!). I will let you know in June's entry!!

Anyway, as always, be good, and I will speak to you again if anything happens throughout April, with a stop press!!

John x