May 2010

Hi Guys

A slight delay in getting the entry posted this month, totally my fault, I think I must have other stuff on my mind.

No auditions or castings this month, but that's OK as I have loads on elsewhere.

I had a nasty fall back in January and only now six months down the line am I able to start running again. I was doing really well with various 10K races and half marathons but the ankle injury really set me back.

I recently started training again after loads of physio and have completed several runs ranging from 1 mile to 3 miles in the last couple of weeks. (hopefully another few weeks and I will be back where I want/need to be!).

I loved this years Britain's got talent and like last year have got tickets to go and see the show on tour, I am really looking forward to seeing the gymnastic/dance group “Spellbound” perform!

I have also managed to blag some tickets to a fantastic music festival, which for me is manna from heaven!

I am fortunate enough to be seeing some of my all time favourite bands:- Alexander O Neil, Level 42, Aswad, Billy Ocean, Shakatak and Hue & Cry. On the Sunday it's: – Scouting for girls, Westlife, Alexander Burke, Peter Andre, Chipmunk and Olly Murs – should be a bloomin cracker!!!!

I went to the most bizarre place I have ever been recently – an Ice bar!!

If you have never been to one and you get the chance – do it. We were given capes and gloves and ushered through a door which promptly shut behind us, ahead was another door so we were in a sort of corridor. The next door opened and bang, there it was, the ice bar.

It was a room where EVERYTHING was made of ice (apart from the floor), the tables, the chairs and even the shot glasses you drank the yummy flavoured vodkas from – it was fantastic, and really memorable.

I still don't have a release date for Blitz but when I do, I will let you know.

Well, that's enough for now. Thanks as always for the emails but especially from Scott (I know, I will reply!) and an email from a very memorable blast from the past (happy days, you know who you are!).

Take care

John xx