October 2010

Hi guys

October has been and gone and we are truly ensconced in the month of November. I sometimes struggle to believe where time has gone as the months roll by and we find ourselves already approaching a brand new year – frightening!

Primary filming for my character has now finished on Coronation Street until my return in early December for the live episode.

It was a long and hard shoot with the constant nights we worked. Some of the cast did nights for some weeks before and I know it really took it out of them. Bill Roach who plays Ken is an absolute legend and at 78 years old completed the night shoots with the rest of us without complaint although he did tell me toward the end he was struggling and the cold was really starting to affect him – as I say, legend!!!!

I am really disappointed at recent newspaper revelations. I was sworn to secrecy about the storylines and so much care went into ensuring that only certain bits of script were distributed to those who required them, however, yet again, someone within the ITV ranks has leaked storylines to The Sun newspaper and as I read today's centre pages everyone can now see who dies and the story plots for the all important live episode broadcast week – it's such a shame and has spoilt what would have been a huge surprise and shock for millions of people who watch it – shame on you Jennifer Blackburn for printing the story and ruining it for the masses.

Away from this, when I had some time off it was lovely to be with my wife enjoying all Manchester had to offer, we had a fantastic time and we were both a bit star struck when we bumped into the whole Arsenal football team who were staying at our hotel prior to the Manchester city league game. They did look really smart in their Arsenal tracksuits as they took a stroll around the hotel grounds, they even had police escorts on motorbike to take them to the match – how exciting!

Speaking of football (or lack of it) we didn’t sparkle against Coventry City or Watford in recent matches, which saw us plunge from 3rd to 14th over a 7 day period – gutted! Come on the tractor boys lets have more of what I saw against Milwall and the continued good Carling cup run.

We have a quarter final tie against West Bromwich Albion shortly and with a bet of £50 at 55/1 on the boys making it to the final on 27th February, you can imagine my excitement is at fever pitch. Here's hoping!

My daughter went to Switzerland for the European club invitational event after travelling by car, aeroplane and bullet train, she arrived home with a bronze medal and a limited edition swimming cap for her efforts – very proud of her!

A family celebration for a golden wedding anniversary went like a dream and as it was a total surprise made it even better, it was lovely to see everyone there and make the occasion even more special.

Well, I am going to sign off now, as I can no longer hide my excitement – only 2 weeks to go before the penultimate episode in the Harry Potter franchise.

HP and the deathly hallows (part one) is released on 19th November – and I can't wait.

Until next time, take special care

John xx