July 2011

Hi Guys

Well it's early in August and I am now able to publish the July entry.

I'm delighted to announce that after successful dialogue I will be playing the role of Walt Hemmings for Hull Truck theatre's production of – The Glee Club, in Hull, prior to a national tour.

If you liked the full Monty, brassed off and the pitmen painters you'll love this.

It's 1962 and in the heart of the south Yorkshire coalfields, the Edlington Colliery's glee club are preparing for their annual gala performance, but Philip, the musical director, has got a problem, and so have all the others.

Bant's wife has run off with the tea deliveryman, Walt is trying to get over losing his, Scobie is having problems at home, Colin wants to be a rock star and Jack has romantic ideas above his station.

With the gala only a few weeks away, music seems to be the last thing on anyone's mind and that's before a revelation that will change everything.

Combining raucous wit and close-harmony songs, the glee club features a six strong cast of male character actors recognisable from stage and screen in a show that contains nudity and coarse/strong language.

Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged!

I am really excited to start working with the lads and the fabulously talented Tessa Walker (our director), when rehearsals start in earnest shortly.

The show runs at Hull Truck from 8th Sep – 8th Oct before embarking on tour to – Doncaster, Croydon, Eastbourne, Perth, Lowestoft, Barnsley, Crewe, Kendal and Darlington.

If you can get along to see the show, I would love to see you, please contact the theatres directly for dates and ticketing information. If you Google “Hull Truck Glee Club”, all the details will be there.

Away from work, I'm going to be a busy boy over the next couple of weeks with a trip to Windsor races (I hope I do better than last year!), a trip to Dublin and an open air proms concert – complete with fireworks!

Football is about to start again (yippee!!), so I am off to Bristol this weekend for the very first match of the season – up the tractor boys!!!

Well, got to go, I have a HUGE script to look at.

Speak soon

John xxx