June 2011

Hi Guys

My sincere apologies for the lack of dialogue on here recently. As I explained in the May entry, we have had real issues with the site which resulted in numerous corrupted files.

Because the site is so popular and gets a lot of traffic, we needed to move it to a bigger server, and this caused the issues.

For some reason, photographs disappeared, the diary section was wiped and unavailable to view, and the website reverted back to how it looked in 2002!!

All in all, it was a complete disaster but thankfully the techies that look after my site, eventually got on top of things, and (fingers crossed) we are now back to normality.

So, what's been happening…. well

Where do I start?

I suppose I have to go back to early in May when the site crashed and rumours started to swirl regarding a job offer. I still can't say a lot about it, as we are still trying to sort out personal terms (it's a long slow process that still puts me at 50/50 whether I will do it).

There are a couple of sticking points which may upset the apple cart (hence why I can't say a great deal) but what I am prepared to say is that it will involve me going back to do some theatre. This will involve a residency in a big city before heading off on a short UK tour.

I will be playing one of the lead characters in a show that's described as “Brassed Off” meets “The Full Monty”, and yes, before you ask, the show does involve nudity and coarse/strong language!!

Once my representatives (and the theatre group) have agreed terms, I will publish a stop press on here, with all the details of the theatres we will be visiting, along with telephone numbers, should you want to book tickets.

How exciting if it all happens.

Aside from this, I spent a lovely day in Maidstone filming a new series for the BBC called “Catch Me If You Can”. I play a true life character called DS Andy Nicoll and the 1 hour episode is a reconstruction of the 53 million pounds Securitas raid that happened a few years ago – Google it, and you'll get an idea of what actually happened with the robbery.

Training has been going well, and I am losing the odd pound or so per week to get to my goal weight in late August. In fact as I write this, I have just done a cheeky six mile run.

It was a great honour also, to do a 13 mile walk for charity which raised loads of money and was much harder than I thought (I think people just thought they could fall out of bad and walk 13 miles ….no, it's not that easy!!)

I have a real busy 6-8 weeks coming up with LOADS of things happening, so, if next months entry is a little late, apologies in advance!

Got to go, keep checking back for any updated information.

Take care

John xx