March 2011


Apologies for the slightly later than normal entry but I have been on holiday and was hoping to bring you some news (which has not yet transpired, either way!)

I had a lovely week away warming the bones and just relaxing, it was wonderful, as a total bonus, I got a fairly nice tan and only put on 4lbs, I am guessing that will be down to a couple of 2 + mile runs that I wouldn't normally do, (now I just need to do a few more to get rid of the extra calories consumed!).

I have also decided to get my fantastic photographer, Andrew Chapman, to shoot a session for me over the next couple of months to enable me to update the website photographs, he always says I never seem to age, but I think he just says that, to be nice. We’ll soon see as the photos never lie and I could well be in for a big shock. I’ll let you know when the shoot has taken place and when they will be uploaded.

Talking of uploading things, I will be sitting down with Sean soon (my editor) to hack out the 3 Coronation street clips and get them onto the website (it went out in December, so I have been a bit lazy on this one), I will ensure this also happens when the photo upload goes live, so keep popping back to check.

Posters for ‘Blitz' are now all around your local multiplexes and with a release date of May 20th, I still haven't had the premier invite on the red carpet – maybe it got lost in the post!

I am guessing my scenes have ended up on the cutting room floor (as they did in a previous film) but I will still go and have a look as it looks pretty good and it has a great cast.

I have loads of things to look forward to over the coming months and I will tell you about these as and when they happen, but suffice to say: – Phantom of the Opera, racing at Windsor, a Pirelli rally ride, Borough market, afternoon tea at Kensington Palace and an evening proms concert (complete with spitfire flyovers, canons and fireworks) are just some of the highlights.

I can't complete a diary entry without mentioning my beloved ITFC, a good win against Crystal Palace, a draw against Middlesborough and a couple more games against Bristol City and Norwich to come.

I am at the Norwich game (my first Derby match for a long time) and cannot wait. Play off hopes now look impossible but I've still renewed my season ticket for 2011/2012 and can but hope that promotion comes then…who knows?

Until next time.

John xx