November 2011

Hi Guys

Well, it's only a few more sleeps till Santa and I can't wait… I love Christmas and everything about it.

For me, it's quality time with the family, great food, great wine and great company. Link that with horse racing, carol concerts, pantomimes, football matches, holidays and a great deal more – and you've got a winning combination!

I tend to do the cooking at Christmas and this year is no different. I've decided on a starter of baby gems filled with smoked salmon and crayfish, topped with Tabasco mayo, toasted garlic & chives and a drizzle of my finest lemon oil. I'll follow this with the usual Christmas day main course but serve it with honey-roasted roots and oven-baked greens.

I expect I'll be my usual competitive self when we play trivial pursuit in the evenings but I'm doing some lovely open sandwiches and a classic turkey Caesar, so I may be more distracted than usual and give someone else the chance to win.

I know it's swearing (and my accountant will laugh) but I'm doing some presenting work for HMRC next week. It's ironic but I thought I may as well do it, taking money off the taxman, rather than the other way round, is as good as it gets really!!

Apart from that, there's some changes to the site, including glee club photos and (finally!) the Corrie clip, I hope you like them. I can't believe it's a year ago to the day, that I was freezing cold, stood on the cobbles waiting for 7.30 pm and someone to say – “action”. Great times!!!!!!

All that's left for me to say, is have a wonderful Christmas and may I wish you all the very best for 2012.

I will post my next diary entry in the New Year.

Take care

John xx