October 2011

Hi Guys

Well as I write this entry we are now into the first week of November. I cannot believe how the time seems to have flown by. Another six weeks and it will be Christmas again.

I've had a lot of people asking me what I've been up to of late, so as my current role draws to a natural close, I am happy to share some moments, of some of the happiest times in the business I've ever had, with a bunch of lads that no other job will ever replicate.

The Glee Club started out for me many months ago when my agent rang to offer me the role of Walt Hemmings. I didn't know anything about the show so I did some digging, obtained a script and sat down to read it.

It became apparent very quickly that this was a beautifully written piece and I decided there and then that I wanted to do it. There were a few sticking points around some time off, holidays, money, commuting etc but to be fair, Hull Truck & Tessa Walker our director, bent over backwards to accommodate these.

Rehearsals started in August for a 4 week period, split between London and Hull and these proved not only insightful and exciting, but shaped the way the show looks and sounds to this day.

I spent a fabulous 4 week run in Hull prior to going on tour to some of the most mismatched venues I've ever played in. It would be wrong and unethical for me to say which ones were sensational, great, average, bad and downright bloody awful – but they were!

Touring can be a lonely existence, but with some of the venues we visited, the lads we have in the cast, some lovely audiences and some fine weather, it was made very special, and I will be really sad to leave, when the show ends its run in Darlington, County Durham.

I can honestly say, we've had so many laughs, lots of fun and real enjoyment as a company, part of me will miss this show terribly – but life moves on and something (fingers crossed) will come in to take my mind of the hole that The Glee Club leaves behind.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful cast mates (Paul Clarkson, Marc Pickering, Sean McKenzie, Tony Clegg and Michael Chance) Tessa Walker, Phil Bateman, Richard Cameron, Andrew Smaje, Eleanor Dixon, Lesley Chenery, all the crew and backroom staff at Hull Truck Theatre, all the venues (and people associated with them) we have visited, and finally to all the people who have watched this show, took it to their heart, and made it what it is. Thank you all!

Well, I'm going to have to go now, I should have ideally handed my tax return in to my accountant (Kate – it's being done this week – I promise!!) by now, so I need to crack on with it ASAP.

Don't forget you can always get in touch with me via the site or follow me on twitter and get in touch with me that way (@johnburtonactor).

Take special care and I'll post November's entry – in early December!

Until next time, take special care.

John xxx