September 2011

Hi Guys

A little later than I would have liked this month but I have been so busy with “The Glee Club” that I haven't had time to think!!

It's been a mad 6 weeks with rehearsals starting in London in mid August and moving to Hull in early September.

Because a lot has happened in September such as previews and press nights etc, it is probably best that I put all the gossip into the September entry (so you'll just have to wait for that)

I can say however that when I met up with the boys in the cast and all the technical team – it was an absolute joy.

As time has gone on, we have bonded more and more and (although it's a bit clichéd) we all get on so well.

Our director Tessa and the team have worked so hard with long days and weekends to create a fabulous show.

I have been asked on a number of occasions (as has everyone else!) if it's anything to do with Glee (the trashy USA television import!!) and the answer is still, and always will be, NO!

This show is about 6 hard working, hard drinking, Yorkshire miners who live and work in a mining village, all of whom sing in a GLEE CLUB (and they're not bad either!)

I would highly recommend coming to see it, you will be laughing out loud and have tears in your eyes intermittently throughout the show, and the final act pay off, makes for a very moving ending.

If we get any positive newspaper reviews then I will publish them next month, I am sure we will. The Independent and The Guardian have already been, so their reviews will be imminent I guess.

We are now into the run proper, so PLEASE try to come and see it, it will be worth the ticket price!

I hope you all managed to watch my appearance on ‘Catch me if you can', I didn't have loads to say, but there were some very well known actors from mainstream TV in it also who looked like extras/supporting artistes as they didn't say a word. I had 2 small decent scenes, so I came off rather well.

Have to go now, loads on as always, until next time …..

John xx