August 2012

Hi Guys

Once again, it's a bit late – so sorry.

It seems an age ago I wrote the last entry, explaining I was going to be visiting the actual sets of Harry Potter & watching the Olympic games in London.

Well, they've been and gone and I had a FABULOUS time.

Both events were out of this world for different reasons. The Olympic village and the day itself, was really special, the weather was glorious and people went out of their way to make us feel welcome. It's something (along with the Harry Potter visit) that will live with me forever.

As for Potter, one word – WOW.

There's a great strap line to the musical blood brothers, which states, “Buy a ticket, and if you can't buy one – steal one!” and I would use this for HP.

As I said in last month's entry, you have to be a Potter fan, but if you are, you're in for the biggest thrill of your life, from the sets of Godrics Hollow to the Knight Bus, the set of Privet drive to the ministry of magic, the set of the burrow to Hagrids hut and the set of Umbridges study to the potions classroom, and hey, you even get to drink REAL butter beer – wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

EastEnders has now transmitted – I did say it was a small part, the final scenes air on Fri 21st September, but again it's only a few, blink and you'll miss them.

I had a nice meeting with Shaeen Baig and Otto Bathurst for a new BBC drama called Peaky Blinders, which didn't work out for me as Otto went in a different artistic direction (that's a nice way of saying – they didn't want me), however, to be honest, the part was really small and the only reason I would have done it, if I'd been offered it, was playing opposite the wonderfully talented Irish actor – Cillian Murphy, anyway, it wasn't meant to be, so we move on to the next project, when it comes along.

If there's anything else of note that happens throughout the month of September, I will add it to this entry with a **STOP PRESS**.

Remember this part of the website is written retrospectively, meaning that Augusts entry is written in September, Septembers entry in October etc.

Oh, watch out for hackers to this site, they constantly get in here, delete stuff and write rude things, it is not me – believe me, but it is nice to think someone thinks I am that important they need to hack my site!!

Until next time, take special care.

John xxx